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Home School Physical Education (PE)

We are all Occupational Therapists who specialise in child development and strucutre activities that allow participation at all levels. It is an evidence based approach to development using movement and play. We work the way children are innately designed to grow.

We see PE as time set aside for skill development. We think that this should be done without competition and the focus we bring is on how one's body is moving. We spend time discovering center of gravity and balance, working on catching, and the co-ordination needed for ball control and activities.

The classes are limited to 16 children at the very most.  No one will have to sit and wait their turn.

Join us to

  1. Develop co-ordination Skills
  2. Practice balance
  3. Improve core strength and control
  4. Practice ball skills - hands and feet
  5. Have fun in a group

We follow a Sensory -Motor development curriculum that allows a child to experience their body getting stronger and more co-ordinated. If you hear " Mom - Dad look what I can do" we wil have done our job.

Classes:  1 hr per class, 8 wks per session. $160 per session. (Dates and times change with the semester. Find this info by clicking the register button)

  • Rhino Club: 6-8 years old at the time of the class
  • Elephant Club: 8-10 years old at the time of the class
small kid with pencil

Penmanship Club:

Tablets and other devices have taken their toll on handwriting as a skill. We are offering to help your child produce legible, well spaced, correctly formed print letters from the start. We train your child's muscle memory not just their eyes and this allows them to both write and type much faster with less frustration. They will be able to concentrate more on what they are writing about rather than spending energy on how to form the letters.

Articles on the importance of handwriting

  1. The importance of the skill of handwriting
  2. The cost of losing handwriting

Learning to do this does NOT have to be boring. We use chalk, paint, Play-doh, shaving cream, curved pieces of wood, metal spoons, music and the arts to get the fingers to move instead of shoulders.

We have found that it takes kids without learning difficulties 2 sessions to master all 26 lower case letters, and 1 more session to master capitals.


If your child struggles to write due to:

  • an underlying perceptual difficulty
  • co-ordination challenges
  • dyslexia
  • unrefined fine motor skills

It may take 2 extra sessions

  • 1 to develop their grasp and the fine motor muscles in prep for writing
  • 1 to bring their body and brain up to speed with how they understand shapes

This class is a game changer affecting the rest of their academic lives.

Club:  1 hr each week, 6 wks per session. $120 per session.

(Dates and times change with the semester. Find this info by clicking the register button)

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