Having been diagnosed with Geopathy , I have had to find ways to protect my body from the effects of electro magnetic resonances that disrupt it's function.

I have found that using the Q-Link stablises my system enough for me to fly when I want to, go across lay lines without loosing function and be around the computer without it totally disrupting my absorbtion of nutrients. It helps my mental clarity and my focus. Jamie loves it and so does Matt. We are bit overboard in that we have ones in our cars too, and ones that we attach to a cellphone battery that we carry on our person when shopping, while Jamie is in school and at restaurants. it seems to create a bubble around us.

At the office we have 2 plugged in and this keeps our treatment areas relatively stable from emf disruption. We may need more later.

So I have a link here for you to get the products if this is an issue you face.


5G is an issue for Geopathy.

The Weston Price Foundation has a good article on this.


This is one of the most comprehensive articles I have read on geopathic stress.